7 Spooky Wednesday Addams Costume Ideas for Comic Con and Halloween

You know Wednesday Addams, right? She’s the dark-haired girl with the dark outlook from “The Addams Family” — Gomez and Morticia’s pale-skinned teenage daughter. The first we saw her on TV in the 1964-1966 ABC show “The Addams Family”.Now She’s even getting her own Netflix series from Tim Burton 2022 fall.

Wednesday is known for her dark humor and striking look, and we've rounded up everything you need for the best Wednesday Addams costume.

She's best known for her long, dark braids and is always seen in her signature black dress with a white collar

Wednesday Addams Black Dress Cosplay Costume Outfits

In the Netflix series, there is a new look that is shock everybody as soon as she appeared.That is the black party dress,she just look like a dark princess

Wednesday Addams Costume Black Party Dress Cosplay Costume Outfits

She could have a more gray -and-black Wednesday Addams school uniform,make her stand out in a crowd

Wednesday Cosplay Costume Nevermore Academy Uniform Dress Shirt Coat Outfit
More costumes of Wednesday Addmas

Wednesday Cosplay Costume Coat Outfits
Wednesday Addams Black Coat Cosplay Costume Long Coat Outfits
Wednesday Addams Coat Dress Cosplay Costume Outfits
Wednesday Addams Black Cat Cosplay Costume Jumpsuit Outfits


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