Cosplay Review – Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri K/DA Skin

Hello! I wanted to share a cosplay review on an Ahri from KDA costume, which was sponsored to me by Cossky. In the past I’ve ordered from Cossky on numerous occasions because I’ve always been so impressed by their attention to detail and over quality of their costumes.

CosplaySky’s Ahri KDA Costume


Unboxing the Costume

The Ahri KDA costume was packaged in a plastic bag with the smaller pieces, such as the metal armbands, heart earring, necklace, clear adjustable bra straps in another smaller bag. The costume itself was folded flat with the tights included. 

The costume sponsored was a Female Large (L) Size according to CosplaySky’s sizing chart.


Quality of the Costume

The cosplay includes the following: Bodysuit (black/white pieces attached with the sleeves attached), 2 elastic tights, 2 metal armbands, 2 clear bra straps for holding up the outfit, 2 golden bar straps for shoes, necklace with metal heart pedant, and metal heart earring.

The Fabrics/Shape of the Costume

The bodysuit of the cosplay is a pleather like material that can hold a shape and stretch really nicely. While the golden pieces on the outfit are much stiffer and hold the shape they’re supposed to perfectly. A great example is how Ahri’s gold hip pieces hold off her body this outfit does the same because of how stiff the gold is—it also does that on the sleeves where the different leafs stick up holding their shape.

The outfit has a gold strap that velcro’s behind the neck to hold the front up and a zipper is in the back of the costume to get in and out of it easily.

The shape of the bodysuit is that of any female body person, it isn’t flat and actually has a shape. Because everyone’s body is a little different and sizes don’t fit everyone perfectly you might need to make it tighter in some places depending on your body shape but once it fits the outfit REALLY fits like a dream giving you the best curves.

The white arm sleeves stay up on your arms because they are attached to the costume itself so no worrying about them falling down.

The leggings the outfit came with will fit just about anyone because of the material their made out of (it’s the same pleather material that the bodysuit is) and it really gives it the ability to stretch. Of course because everyone’s body is a little different they might be big for you if you have smaller legs but they can easily be taken in.

Lastly, all the smaller detailing pieces were extremely well made and actually made out of metal. The armbands, the heart clip, and the heart pedant for the necklace are all make out of a really nice metal that elevates the entire cosplay. 

The Details of the Costume

Some of my favorite detailing is in the white chest of the outfit—all the stitch work is really clean and the layers just looks really nice.

The gold pieces on the hips couldn’t be more accurate to Ahri’s—they stand up even after going through shipping.

The gold jewelry pieces look fantastic and really look like real pieces of jewelry—I’ve never actually had real metal in a costume before!


Accuracy of the Outfit

The outfit provides everything that is including in Ahri’s actual costume, aside from the crescent hair piece and the microphone ear piece. Two very minor pieces that can be purchased elsewhere on the internet. Overall, for a cosplay costume standpoint I’d say this was one of the most accurate purchased costumes I’ve seen having actually included most of her jewelry.


The Seller

I’ve always loved the outfits that I have received from CosplaySky they are always extremely accurate and hardly need any modification. I always find you’re paying for the best quality costume out there when you order from their store. They have great customer service and I’m never worried that I’m not buying what is being advertised.


The Shipping

Shipping took about two weeks to receive the costume. A previous costume I ordered from them during the busiest time of year (Christmas/New Years) took about 3 and ½ weeks—which for a cosplay is not bad at all. I’ve waited months to receive outfits before.


The Price

On their site Ahri costume cost $96.99 which I honestly don’t feel is that unreasonable. Typically I can spend up to $150 to $200 on a costume with this much detail and for it being a bodysuit that actually can fit people—definitely a good choice in my book. 


Ranking of the Costume

Quality of the Cosplay: 5/5

Size: 4/5

Accuracy of the Cosplay: 4.5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Seller: 5/5

Prince: 5/5

I couldn't be happier with the outfit and anyone looking to cosplay Ahri, I'd highly suggest purchasing this outfit. This company definitely knows what they are doing and really sticks true to all the character costumes they create. 

Blog and Photos from SkitsoFanActs


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