League of Legends Heartsteel Cosplay

Heartsteel is a virtual band in the game League of Legends, consisting of members who are iconic champions from the game. The band was created to feature the musical talents of these champions and provide players with unique in-game content and experiences. Each member of Heartsteel brings their own style and genre to the band, creating a diverse and vibrant sound. The band's lore and storyline are intertwined with the game's expansive universe, adding depth to both their characters and the game itself.


1. Ezreal

Ezreal serves as the vocal part. Cossky offers Ezreal's cospaly costume, wig and shoes. You can buy a complete set to meet all your needs, or you can buy the costume individually.

Ezreal Cosplay Costume, Wig and Shoes


2. Kayn

In addition to vocals, Kayn is also responsible for rapping and instrumental music.


Kayn Cosplay Costume, Mask


3. Aphelios

Aphelios participates in instrumental performance and lyrics and composition. Cossky offers Aphelios costume and wig.


Aphelios Cosplay Costume, Wig


4. Yone

Yone contributes creatively to the band as a producer.

Yone Cosplay Costume, Mask


5. K'Sante

K'Sante serves as co-captain and performed vocals.


K'Sante Cosplay Costume


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