【Cossky】Costumes of New Characters in My Hero Academia Season 4

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Last week, the main battle in My Hero Academia Season 4 came to the end. To save a little girl bron with miserable fate, our heroes fought with the evil side in risk of their life. With large sacrifice, even the ability and the life of companion, they get the victory finally.

We believe fans of My Hero Academia should be famililar with the main characters in the past season. Today, we are going to introduce the costumes of new characters in this season.

Lemillion, as the top of U.A. high school, he has shown great talent of battle at the end of season 3. Thus, in season 4, we could see his faith and ability which brought large hope to other heroes.

Eri, a small girl who lives in despair, she was raised as an item. With pain every day, she want to escape but couldn't get rid of her fate.

Kai Chisaki, Eri's adoptive father, the last boss in the first part of season 4. With dangerous ability and mind, he beat many heroes, even Lemillion. 

Though this is the fourth season of this animation, the plot is still attractive. The unique costumes are still a nice choice for cosers. Have you prepared to become one in the future?



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