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Time flies, and now the end of August has come. The Halloween season is coming close, an annual festival for cosplay lovers. 

Due to the special occassion this year, there haven't been too many new movies on screen. It may be difficult for cosers to choose new suitable costumes. While actually it is unnecessary to just pick up costumes from works of this year. There are also many excellent works in this past(some even from last century) which still enjoy high compliments today.

Here we will introduce parts of them.

1.Hocus Pocus, an American comedy film released in 1993. Nice choice for cosers who want to be witches on Halloween. Highly Recommanded Winifred Sanderson Costume, which was one of the best seller costumes last year.

Hocus Pocus wiki, synopsis, reviews, watch and download

2.IT, a horror film with a simple title. The first movie was released last century. And when IT 2017 came in theater, the Pennywise costumes attract many cosers who love to be clown on Halloween. Thus, last year, IT Two was released and this year, Japan released Pennywise Anime Female Ver which is really cute.

Pennywise Lurks in New Poster For Stephen King's 'It' | Scary ...

3.Beetlejuice, fantasy comedy movie released in 1988. Though so many years passed, the black and white suit is still a nice choice for cosers.

One of my most absolute favourite movies from they 80's! More like ...

4. Trick 'r Treat, thrill movie released in 2007. If you want to pick up a costume for your shy child, this one may be one of your best choice. As you don't need to show your face when cosplayed.

Watch Trick 'r Treat (2009) | Prime Video

5. Annabell, a horror movie which was first released in 2014. The doll on the post must be the most scared figure in the whole movie. If putting one on your desk in the evening, you may couldn't full asleep the whole night. In the other way, the doll is a nice choice for little girls.

Annabelle the Haunted Doll" Poster by cattrow | Redbubble






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